Studios that are not data-driven are almost doomed to fail.

Only 1 in 50 games they make will turn a profit

Yet, this is how 80% of studios work. 

Main reason ‒ game data analyst expertise is rare and very expensive.
Usual odds of success in game development *
Industry research
75% of game developers are missing on the benefits of data analysis

High upfront costs and time
Data Scientists are rare and elusive species
Data-driven culture is really hard to embrace

Presenting a new…
easy way to become a data-driven team!
Game Alchemy ‒ AI-powered virtual data analyst 
Affordable and accessible expert that can join your team in minutes
Success chances multiplied
up to x5
Player Satisfaction and Revenue
up to +50%
at 15% of the cost
of a comparable solution
Let’s talk!
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