De-risking apps and games development
Apps and games development is a high risk business.

Only 1 in 25 apps being made right now will ever turn a profit.

There is only one proven de-risk strategy: fast iterations based on the actual behavior of your users.

Gathering this data is easy. Understanding it is a huge challenge, though. Data analyst expertise is rare and expensive. ‒ is the world’s first AI-powered expert that de-risks apps development.
Success chances multiplied
up to x5
User Satisfaction and Revenue
up to +50%
at 15% of the cost
of a comparable solution
It automates the discovery of friction points and opportunities in your data.

It helps teams to improve their business outcomes in the following areas:

 • Onboarding
 • Retention
 • Monetization
 • ROI Analysis 
It can join a team of any size in minutes bringing immediate benefits:
30 min self-onboarding
Works out of the box with Firebase and Amplitude
Actionable insights
For team member without data expertise
24/7 chat with AI expert
Trained on your data, UX and gamification best practice.
Let’s talk!
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